New publication: "European History Yearbook" now online available!


As announced before, several members of the  TIC-project contributed to the 16th volume of the “European History Yearbook”, coordinated by Johannes Paulmann (Leibniz Institute of European History, TIC-project) Markus Friedrich (University of Hamburg) and Nick Stargardt (Magdalen College Oxford). This volume, edited by Sarah Panter, can now be read online (open access!) here. It brings together research on aspects of mobility and biography across different times and spaces to open up new interdisciplinary perspectives. Networks, movements and the capacity to become socially or spatially mobile in and across Europe are not only analysed as structural factors, but rather seen as connected to concrete practices of mobility among different groups in the spheres of business, politics and the arts: from Jewish merchants via legal and financial advisors all the way to musicians.